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Select hose side 1: Coupling (Threaded Couplings)
BSPAccording to EN ISO 228 / BSP parallel.
SPANNFIXSafety pinned clamps.
Only for hoses with acceptable wall thickness.

Simple assembling without special tools in a vice (see assembly hints on page 222).
Completely safe attachment by stainless steel pin.
Disassembling only possible in a vice.

SPANNLOCSafety pinned clamps.
Suitable also for hoses with varying or slightly greater wall thickness.

Assembling with hexagonal spanner on site possible.
Bolts and nuts of zinc-plated and chromated steel.
Re-tightening possible.
Simple disassembly.

AluminiumStandard is hot stamped aluminium
CSMShort name: HyD
soft, for acids and alkalis

EPDMshort name: EPD
black, soft, for esters and ketones, ether, acetates, alkohols, aldehydes

FKMshort name: ViD
soft, for aromatic hydrocarbons and hot oils

Thermopacshort name: HBD
light colour, hard
Especially for hot oils and hot bitumen up to 250° C and for hot water and saturated steam up to 25 bar.

PTFEshort name: TD
white, solid, hard, glass fibre reinforced

Polyurethaneshort name: VD
Highly resistant to abrasion, non-toxic. Shore hardness = 90° C.
For all petroleum based products and many solvents as per resistance chart on page 396.
chosen option
non selectable
5Coupling Type 2
6Part No.

Part Number

XHD 40 L1=m...

Hose TypeType XHD – Fuel Oil Reel Hose (without helix)
Product NameType XHD
Part NumberXHD
Short DescriptionFuel Oil Reel Hose (without helix)
DescriptionEconomy fuel oil reel hose without helix for petroleum based products. Temperature range -30° up to +70° C. Electrical conductivity <106 Ohm.
CommentSimplified version of hose type HD. The high quality standards of the German Military Standard are not met in all respects by this Economy type, e.g. cold flexibility, non-discolouration of the medium as well as the resistance to abrasion and weathering.
LiningNitrile rubber (NBR), black, electrically dissipative
ReinforcementsTwo low tensile textile braids
CoverCR, black, abrasion resistant, el. conductive
CertificatesDNV • GL - type examination certificate for fuelling hoses.
MarkingContinuous, vulcanised embossing without coloured bands
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX XHD 50 · EN 1761 · D · HEIZÖL-DIESEL-FUEL OIL · ECONOMY · Ω · PN 25 BAR · · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · (Batch No.) · 3Q-16

SizeDN 25 to DN 75
Product Sheet
Page 103-104
PDF Certificates
DNV • GL - type examination certificate
Size (ID)ID 40 mm
Product NameID 40 mm
Part Number40
Length (L1)next m (Length Between Sealing Surfaces)
Hose End Fitting One Side
CouplingThreaded Couplings
Please Note:
For the correct choice of coupling and sealing materials please refer to our
Chemical Resistance Chart Fittings and Chemical Resistance Seals.

If in doubt, please contact our sales team.
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