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Hose TypeType TW-E — Aviation Refuelling Hose (with steel helix)
Product NameType TW-E
Part NumberTW-E
Short DescriptionAviation Refuelling Hose (with steel helix)
Description'Yellow Band' aircraft refuelling hoses, suitable for all aviation gasolines and jet fuels (JET A 1), deicing fluids and motor oils. Temperature range -30° up to +90° Celsius. Electrical resistance between 10³ and 106 Ohm.
ApplicationFor tank trucks and the connection between truck and trailer as well as riser systems (see overleaf).
Not approved for hydrant inlet and into-plane fuelling.
CommentSuction-/discharge hard wall hose with galvanised steel helix for high suction and for gravity discharge.
LiningNitrile rubber (NBR), antistatic, no fuel solubility
ReinforcementsTextile braids without metallic strands
CoverChloroprene (CR), conductive, ozone and flame resistant, highly abrasion resistant
CertificatesDNV • GL - type examination certificate for aviation refuelling hoses.
MarkingYellow band every 4 mtr. and continuous embossing
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX TW 100 E · EN ISO 1825 E · 20 BAR · EN 12115 NBR 1 · SD · Ω/T · EN 1761 · EI 1529 C · VG 95 955 S · AS 2683 · Ω · PN 20 · · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 1Q-17

SizeDN 25 to DN 100
Product Sheet
Page 107-108
PDF Certificates
DNV • GL - type examination certificate
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Last Update: 11.12.2020