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Hose TypeType TECNOPAL oW (Form D) – Chemical Hose (without steel helix)
Product NameType TECNOPAL oW (Form D)
Part NumberTECNOPAL oW
Short DescriptionChemical Hose (without steel helix)
DescriptionChemical hose TECNOPAL for alkalis, acids, solutions, alcohols, polar solvents, acetates, aldehydes, esters, ketones, hot water, hot air (not oily).
Not suitable for aliphatic, aromatic, halogenated hydrocarbons and their derivates.
Temperature range (depending on medium) -40° bis +100° C. Steaming out for cleaning and sterilisation up to +150° C / max. 30 minutes (open ends).
Meets EN 12115.
ApplicationHighly flexible hose for a lot of industrial chemicals. Limits regarding medium, concentration, temperature see resistance chart PAL hoses. Electrically conductive connection via lining or cover without metallic contact.
CommentElectrical conductivity:
Ω/T-type to EN 12115. Electrical resistance of <106 OHM between hose ends, <109 OHM from lining to cover, through the hose wall. Suitable for use in EX-Zones 0, 1 and 2.
Easy assembling: Ω/T-hoses have the added advantage that metallic conductive elements do not have to be connected to the hose fittings.
LiningEPDM, black, smooth, seamless, electrically conductive
ReinforcementsTextile braids
CoverEPDM, electrically conductive, ozone- and UV-resistant
MarkingLilac-black-lilac coloured spiral and abrasion resistant continuous embossing
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX TECNOPAL 50 · EN 12115 · EPDM · D · Ω/T · 16 BAR · · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 1Q-17

SizeDN 13 to DN 50
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Page PAL 11-12
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Last Update: 07.06.2019