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max. reel length = 80 m (262.5 feet)
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Picture shows exemplary Type SL 19 SF LT
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Slimline SL SF LT 16...

Hose TypeType Slimline 'SL SF LT' — Petrol Pump Hoses - Low Temperature, Sulpur Free -, black or coloured
Product NameType Slimline 'SL SF LT'
Part NumberSlimline SL SF LT
Short DescriptionPetrol Pump Hoses - Low Temperature, Sulpur Free -, black or coloured
DescriptionType Slimline 'SF LT': Special low temperature and sulphur-free type for use in cold climate regions. Good flexibility down to -40° Celsius.
CommentType Slimline 'SF': Special type 'sulphur-free'. Sulphur content of fuel does not increase, even if medium remains with the hose for a longer time, see Information 12.15.
Due to their smooth cover and high flexibility, all Slimline hoses are well suitable for MPD hose retraction systems.
Mandrel production, vulcanisation in a plastic cover.
Long lasting premium quality, Made in Germany.
LiningNitrile rubber (NBR), black, seamlessly extruded, electrically dissipative, no discolouration
ReinforcementsTwo low tensile textile braids with crossed, interwoven conductivity strands
CoverSmooth, UV and ozone resistant, oil resistant, highly abrasion resistant. Material see chart.
MarkingWith continuous, abrasion resistant embossed marking
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX SLIMLINE 16 SF LT · EN 1360 TYPE 1 · Ω · PN 16 · AS 2683 ·  · MADE IN GERMANY · - 09.16

SizeDN 16 to DN 21
Product Sheet
Page 111a,111b,111c
Information 12.15
Size (ID)ID 16 mm (5/8")
Product NameID 16 mm (5/8")
Part Number16
Hose Colourblack
Last Update: 28.07.2020