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Hose TypeType SBL — Bunkering-Hose (without helix)
Product NameType SBL
Part NumberSBL
Short DescriptionBunkering-Hose (without helix)
DescriptionType SBL is a light weight and very flexible collapsible hose without helix for pressure service.
Meets category L 10 of EN 1765.
Suitable for manual handling, very flexible. The reinforcement is constructed in such a way that the hose keeps its whole diameter even with 1 bar flow pressure.
Type SBL is not suitable for gravity discharge and for suction.
Please avoid permanent kinking.
ApplicationFor bulk loading and unloading of bunkering ships and tankers, for petroleum based products up to 50 % aromatic content. Temperature range from -35° C up to +90° C, temporarily until +100° C.
CommentMarine Cargo Hoses (Bunkering Hoses) with conical transition to the fitting and covered reinforcements. Vulcanised built-in flange nipples (see page 132).
Meets EN 1765.
LiningNBR black, el. dissipative, no fuel-solubility
ReinforcementsMultiple low tensile textile cord layers
CoverChloroprene (CR), black, smooth, el. dissipative
CertificatesDeclaration of conformity acc. to pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU.
MarkingYellow bands and vulcanised embossed stamps according to standard and customer requirements, stating type, size, manufacturer and production date.
SizeDN 100 to DN 250
Product Sheet
Page 131-132
PDF Certificates
Declaration of conformity
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Last Update: 11.12.2020