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Hose TypeType PTFE – ELAFLON PTFE (with helix)
Product NameType PTFE
Part NumberPTFE SD
Short DescriptionELAFLON PTFE (with helix)
DescriptionUniversal hose ELAFLON PTFE with electrically conductive, seamless lining of PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene). Suitable for all commonly used chemicals, see resistance chart.
Suitable for both suction and delivery (Type PTFE D = delivery). Working pressure up to 16 bar, burst pressure >64 bar.
Temperature range from -30° up to +150° Celsius (depending on medium). Chemical resistance see resistance chart. Steaming out for cleaning and sterilisation permissible up to +150° C, max. 30 min.
Meets EN 12115. FDA und USP Class VI conform according EC regulations 1935/2004 and 10/2011.

As suction and discharge hose for barrels, containers, rail tank cars, tankers and fixed installations.
The steel helix ensures that the hose keeps in shape during suction and gravity operations, even with tight bending radii.


The PTFE lining is electrically conductive, seamlessly extruded, and smooth – therefore low pressure drop in service and easy cleaning properties. No cross contamination or discoloration of media thus being excellent when very pure media are being carried. Lining conform to FDA / USP Class VI.

Electrical conductivity:
Ω/T-type to EN 12115. Electrical resistance of <106 OHM between hose ends, <109 OHM from lining to cover, through the hose wall. Suitable for use in EX-Zones 0, 1 and 2.
Easy assembling: Ω/T-hoses have the added advantage that metallic conductive elements do not have to be connected to the hose fittings.

LiningPTFE, electrically conductive, black, seamless, smooth bore
ReinforcementsHigh-tensile, temperature resistant, textile braids, additionally with galvanised steel helix
CoverEPDM, electrically conductive, black, abrasion and flame resistant, resistant against weather and ageing
CertificatesManufacturer's declaration - absence of silicone.
MarkingBlue-white-red coloured spiral and abrasion resistant continuous embossing
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX PTFE 25 · EN 12115 · SD · Ω /T · ELAFLON PTFE · FDA · 150° C · 16 BAR · · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 1Q-17

SizeDN 19 to DN 100
Product Sheet
Page 127-128
Page PAL 07-08
PDF Certificates
Manufacturer's declaration - absence of silicone
Size (ID)ID 38 mm (1½")
Product NameID 38 mm (1½")
Part Number38
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