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LPG 16 S

Hose TypeType LPG 16 S
Order No.Type LPG 16 S
Short DescriptionNew standard hose for L.P. Gas Dispensers High flexibility, plasticiser free, minimised permeation and leaching, cold flexible down to -30° C, black or orange
Description'Orange Band' Liquid Petroleum Gas hose to EN 1762. For propane, butane and their mixtures to EN 589. Highly flexible and long-lasting construction.
Burst pressure >100 bar. Temperature range LPG 16 S -30° C up to +70° C.
DVGW and AS 1869 approved.
CommentLining plasticiser-free, highly flexible.
The new standard dispensing hose for Autogas, suitable for most applications.
Very low permeation, optimal purity of the medium (see Information 3.16).
LiningNitrile rubber (NBR), black, seamlessly extruded, electrically conductive, low diffusion, plasticiser-free
ReinforcementsLow tensile textile braids with crossed tinplated copper strands electrically connectable
CoverCR, black or orange, smooth, electrically conductive, abrasion resistant, highly ageing resistant. Type LPG 16 perforated.
MarkingWith continuous, abrasion resistant embossed marking

LPG 16 S · EN 1762 D · AS 1869 · Ω · PN 25 · M · ELAFLEX GERMANY · · 3Q-17

Size: DN 16 to DN 16
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Last Update: 13.08.2018