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Hose TypeType LG – Lightweight Gravity Discharge Road Tanker Hose, Type 'LG'
Product NameType LG
Part NumberLG
Short DescriptionLightweight Gravity Discharge Road Tanker Hose, Type 'LG'

Elaflex provides a new solution for fuel delivery to petrol stations: Type 'LG' Lightweight Gravity Discharge road tanker hoses.

The easy to handle rubber hose has been developed for pressureless service, to fill underground storage tanks.

At a glance: excellent flexibility – also in winter operation, low weight, high flowrate due to smooth bore, robust, suitable for tough continuous operation.


Lightweight and highly flexible gravity discharge hose for loading from road tankers to underground storage tanks.
Well suited for electronic cross-over prevention systems (COP) due to the integrated steel strands in the construction. The hose may also be used as Stage 1B balanced vapour recovery hose (on request also in size 2" / ID 50 mm).

Type LG is used for gravity discharge only. For safety reasons, the hose is constructed to pressure rating PN 4 bar, burst pressure >20 bar.

Suitable for petroleum based products including hydrocarbon vapours, aromatics content up to 60%. Temperature range -40° C up to +70° C.

Electrical resistance <106 Ohm if static wire (steel strand) are not connected.


- low weight, high flexibility
- stays flexible also in cold temperature conditions
- due to the external PVC helix the hose easily glides over the ground and into / out of the road tanker stowage tube

LiningNBR, antistatic, no fuel solubility
ReinforcementsTextile plies with static wire
CoverLack rubber with yellow PVC helix
MarkingYellow bands every 2,5 mtr. and continuous embossing
Marking Sample

LG 3" · NBR · GRAVITY / SCHWERKRAFT · NBR · Ω · -40° C / +70° C · 1Q16 · ELAFLEX

SizeDN 51 to DN 102
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Information 5.16
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Last Update: 07.06.2019