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LBS 50...

Hose TypeType LBS — Foodstuff-Hose (with steel helix)
Product NameType LBS
Part NumberLBS
Short DescriptionFoodstuff-Hose (with steel helix)
DescriptionWhite band hose for all foodstuff s, milk, oils, fats, flour, molasses, dextrose and sirups.
Temperature range -25° to +90° Celsius. The hoses can be temporarily steamed out with up to +130° C.
CommentPLEASE NOTE: The tube is odorless, tasteless and not discolouring. It meets the laws for foodstuff s as recommended by the XXI of BfR and FDA.
LiningNBR white, electr. non-conductive, conform to FDA
ReinforcementsTextile braids with tinned copper strands
Cover NBR compound, blue, non-conductive
MarkingHose is marked with white bands at 2,5 mtr. intervals and embossed continuously.
Meets the requirements of the material group NBR 3 of EN 12115.
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX LBS 50 · EN 12115 NBR 3 · SD · M · LEBENSMITTEL · 90° C · FOOD STUFFS · 16 BAR · · GERMANY · 3Q-17

SizeDN 50 to DN 100
Product Sheet
Page 123
Size (ID)ID 50 mm (2")
Product NameID 50 mm (2")
Part Number50
Last Update: 28.07.2020