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EFL 16 16

Hose TypeType EFL 16 – Universal Pump Hose
Product NameType EFL 16
Part NumberEFL 16
Short DescriptionUniversal Pump Hose
DescriptionFLUORLINE universal pump hose for chemicals, petroleum based products, for propane, butane and other L.P. gases, as well as solvents as per resistance chart.

Ideal for highly sensitive media such as AdBlue® urea solution (DEF, ARLA 32, AUS 32). Resistant against all common cleaning agents. Temperature range -40° to +100° C. Burst pressure >64 bar.

Ultra flexible universal hose with smooth lining of THV fluoropolymer. Smooth cover of electrically conductive rubber. No metallic parts in the reinforcements.

Suitable i.e. for barrel pumps, AdBlue® urea dispensing, as zero emission petrol pump hose and as connection hose for mechanical engineering applications. Due to the small minimum bending radius also suitable for robot filling systems.

Properties of the fluoropolymer lining:
seamlessly extruded, smooth. Exceptional antistick properties, therefore low pressure drop and easy cleaning. Non-leaching and non-discolouring, therefore suitable for the transfer of highly pure products. Resistant to diffusion, 'smell-tight', therefore suitable for use in closed rooms.

'OHM' hose, fulfils requirements of EN 12115 and TRBS 2153 (BGR 132). According CENELEC Standard CLC/TR 50404 hoses up to OD 30 mm, particularly petrol pump hoses up to OD 32 mm do not have to be conductive through the hose wall from inside to outside.

Electrical conductivity <106 Ω between hose ends, presumed a professional assembly with below mentioned fittings. The hose may be used in Ex-zones for the transfer of explosive media.

Cold flexibility:
FLUORLINE can be used in regions with very low temperatures, up to -40° C.

CommentAdBlue® is a registered trademark of VDA.
LiningFluoropolymer THV, seamless, transparent, smooth/mirror-like, non leaching, non discolouring, non hardening, resistant against diffusion
ReinforcementsTwo textile braids
CoverChloroprene (CR), black, smooth, conductive, resistance against weathering and ozone, flame resistant
MarkingWith continuous and permanent laser marking
Marking Sample

CONTI - FLUORLINE EFL 16 · b-w-r · EN 1360:2013 TYPE 1 · EN 12115:2011 · EN 1762:2003 · Ω · PN 25 · ELAFLEX GERMANY · 1Q-17

SizeDN 16
Product Sheet
Page 113-114
Size (ID)ID 16 mm (5/8") black
Product NameID 16 mm (5/8") black (Standard)
Part Number16
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