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COAX 21/8 BS

Hose TypeType COAX – COAX hose assemblies for DN 21/8 NR for dispensers with active vapour recovery, black or coloured
Product NameType COAX
Part NumberCOAX
Short DescriptionCOAX hose assemblies for DN 21/8 NR for dispensers with active vapour recovery, black or coloured
DescriptionPETROL PUMP HOSE (outside)
TYPE SL 21: Quality petrol pump hose 'CONTI-SLIMLINE' DN 21-PN 16, OD , 31 mm, smooth surface, suitable for retraction devices up to min. ø 150 mm.
Lining: NBR, electrically dissipative. Two textile reinforcements with interwoven conductivity strands.
Cover: chlorinated synthetic rubber, resistant to light cracks.
Available in black or coloured (blue, green, red, yellow) with smooth, colour stable surface. With continuous and permanent laser marking. Meet all requirements of EN 13483 (EN 1360). Also suitable for fuels with ethanol content up to E 85.

HOSE COUPLINGS (factory assembled)
Non-reusable safety couplings DN 21-PN 16 aluminium, swivel nut with standard
thread M 34 x 1,5 of stainless steel, o-rings of Viton (FKM).
Nozzle side: easy rotating swivel, with spiral spring supported lip seal ED 077 of LT
(Low Temperature) flexible polyurethane (see Info 1.07). With 2 key faces width 41 mm.
Pump side: swivel with six key faces width 36 mm and with O-ring EO 171 Vi.

On nozzle side anti-kinking sleeve KS 21 of low temperataure flexible polyurethane.
With degassing holes. Non-reusable.

Short sleeve CS 21 with stable colours for grade identification or company colours.
Made of polyurethane with smooth glossy surface in all known company colours.
Retrofitting and disassembly are possible (see page GR 13).

VAPOUR HOSE (inside)
Vapour recovery hose DN 8 / PN 16 (OD ø 12 mm) of polyurethane (LT flexible).
Resistant to petrol and ozone, low diffusion. Remains stable also with narrow bending
radii, because of the steel reinforcements. With vapour hose tail DN 8 of PVDF black,
with non reusable stainless steel clamps.
Nozzle side with arresting device through locked vapour hose tail.
Pump side swivel supported to avoid twisting through torsion.

According to EN 13483 the volume increase of a new hose assembly is not allowed to be more than 2 % of the hose contents at 3 bar. 'CONTI-SLIMLINE' hoses meet this standard with sufficient safety tolerance due to their low-tensile textile reinforcements. According to the standard the elongation of the hose through swelling is allowed to be max. 4 %. During service with petrol 'CONTI-SLIMLINE' hoses elongate as follows: with leaded super petrol about 1 to 1,5 %, with unleaded super petrol about 1,5 to 2 %.

According to EN 13483 the loss of petrol in a hose assembly is not allowed to be higher than 12 ml / m per day when using Liquid C. 'CONTI-SLIMLINE' hoses meet this standard.

The EN 13483 specifies that a new petrol pump hose must not require a higher bending force than 180 N when bending the hose at -30° C in a normed device with a radius of 75 mm at an 90° angle. 'CONTI-SLIMLINE' hoses DN 21 only require 70 to 100 N and meet the even higher requirements of the MPD manufacturers. For the operation in particularly cold regions (e.g. Scandinavia) we supply the LT type (Low Temperature), with a good retractability up to -40° C, dependent on the construction of the retraction device. It meets all requirements of the Low Temperature Type as described in EN 13483.
CertificatesDNV • GL - type examination certificate for pump hoses DN 21 for vapeur recovery fuel dispensing systems to EN 13483.
SizeDN 21
Product Sheet
GR 11
PDF Certificates
DNV • GL - type examination certificate for pump hoses
Size (ID)ID 21 mm (7/8")
Product NameID 21 mm (7/8")
Part Number21/8
Hose Colourblue hose
black anti-kinking sleeve
Product Nameblue hose
black anti-kinking sleeve
Part NumberBS
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