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Hose TypeType FXD – Universal-Helical-Hose
Product NameType FXD
Part NumberFXD
Short DescriptionUniversal-Helical-Hose
DescriptionFluorflex 2 is a new generation high performance chemical hose to DIN 26054, combining the universal chemical resistance of PTFE with exceptional flexibility
and tight bending radius.

It is the only known hose with a corrugated PTFE-lining which is available in coils, and suitable for on-site fitting assembly. Long lead times or the necessity to stock complete hose assemblies not longer apply.

The requirements 'Ω/T conductivity' (may be used in EX-zones), FDA conformity and high temperature resistance are also satisfied by Fluorflex.
CommentAn extremely flexible universal hose with helically wound PTFE liner, suitable for all common media in use*). Applications in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Temperature range -20° C up to +150° C, permanent use. Briefly, also higher temperatures possible depending on medium. Cleaning: Flush with all common media and procedures. Steaming out (open system) admissable up to +180° C, max. 30 minutes.

Nominal pressure PN 16 bar, burst pressure >64 bar. Electrical resistance <106 Ohm between hose ends, through the hose <109 Ohm (from inside to outside, 'Ω / T'). No connection of wires to metal parts necessary.

Compared to PTFE hoses with braided metal cover, no possibility of injuries from damaged wires, and considerably lower heat transmission.

*) See resistance chart ELAFLEX hoses
LiningPTFE, transparent, with patented OHM-conductive spirals, seamlessly extruded, spirally wound, non leaching, non discolouring, very good anti-stick properties
ReinforcementsHigh temp. resistant aramide braid
Intermed. LayerEPDM, black, electrically conductive, mechanical binding to the liner
CoverEPDM, black, electrically conductive, abrasion and flame resistant, UV and ozone resistant
CertificatesDeclaration of conformity acc. to pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU.
MarkingSpiral band Yellow/Blue/White and continuous embossing
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX FXD 25 . FLUORFLEX 2 · DIN 26054 · PTFE · Ω/T · FDA · 150° C · 16 BAR ·  · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 01.17

SizeDN 20 to DN 50
Product Sheet
Information 2.08 E
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