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Hose TypeType FEP D – Universal-Hose (without helix)
Product NameType FEP D
Part NumberFEP D
Short DescriptionUniversal-Hose (without helix)

Universal hose ELAFLON PLUS FEP with seamless FEP lining, resistant to all commonly used chemicals, see resistance chart.
Suitable for both suction and delivery (Type FEP D = delivery only). W.P. up to 16 bar, burst pressure >64 bar.
Temperature range from -30° C up to +100° C, briefly up to +130° C. Steaming out for cleaning and sterilisation permissible up to +150° C, max. 30 min (open system).
Meets EN 12115.

ApplicationAs pressure hose for discharge and barrel pumps in wet and dry hose systems. Also suitable as reel hose.

Technical properties of the FEP lining:
Seamlessly extruded, smooth, therefore low pressure drop in service, easy cleaning properties. Excellent draining capability, no cross contamination or discoloration of media thus being excellent when very pure media is being carried. Conform to FDA and USP Class VI.

Electrical conductivity:
'Ω-C'-Type to EN 12115, only the hose cover is electrically conductive. To achieve this, externally grey versions (DN 50 and below) have a OHM conductive stripe for a safe electrical conductivity of the hose assembly. Nonetheless, the hose type FEP is not recommend for use with flammable media in EX-Zones.

LiningFEP, seamless, transparent, smooth bore, electrically non-conductive
ReinforcementsTextile braids
CoverEPDM, electrically conductive, light grey with OHM conductive stripe (up to DN 50) or black (DN 63 – 100). Abrasion and flame resistant, resistant against weather and ageing.
CertificatesManufacturer's declaration - absence of silicone.
MarkingBlue-white-red coloured spiral and abrasion resistant continuous embossing
Marking Sample

ELAFLEX FEP 25 · ELAFLON PLUS · EN 12115 · FEP · D · 100 ˚ C · Ω · 16 BAR ·  · ContiTech · MADE IN GERMANY · 1Q-17

SizeDN 13 to DN 25
Product Sheet
Page 125-126
Page PAL 05-06
PDF Certificates
Manufacturer's declaration - absence of silicone
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